Welcome to South Florida gays, i tend to reblog a lot of fine ass guys and upload some guys from South Florida tagged under soflogay, if you wanna check them out.

you may submit whatever you'd like through here or at Soflogays@yahoo.com tell me if you wanna stay anon or not :D

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Anonymous asked
How do I find the south Florida guys on here that aren't anonymous?

Show yourself florida guys ;)

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OMG I am SO glad this dude has a cam! Thanks for sharin that HOT wank bro! LUV that u kept the boxers on. You’re fuckin awsome!!!!

I want to suck that dick big time



Sexy latin teen 🔥. He cute AF🔥

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So……it’s like I can’t go to the barbershop without gettin my dick suck……. 🍆💦

WTF lmao I can’t lmaooooooo