Welcome to South Florida gays, i tend to reblog a lot of fine ass guys and upload some guys from South Florida tagged under soflogay, if you wanna check them out.

you may submit whatever you'd like through here or at Soflogays@yahoo.com tell me if you wanna stay anon or not :D

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Well thanks to Chris Myers, my account might be terminated soon.
I tried to do my best and show you all the sexy ass ppl in south florida but I keep getting reported so I’m just going to not post anything anymore.




Geile Boys….

Bestimmt zwei Brüder


Rica Vergóta Del Morrito…!!!

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Str8 Brother Caught Jerking Off


Fuck that uncut dick!!


soooooo…. where do I apply for this job? 

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My friend Daddy |

The background noise was actually a turn on.


Happy Sunday everybody from Tavish 😏

How can I keep up this blog if you pussys keep reporting my pics and telling the guys their nudes were leaked. Fucked you Adrain Garcia whoever you are. Tumblr staff snitched you out.